Caves of Myrddin

The Caves of Myrddin, as they are known locally, are a series of three seaside caverns located beneath the ruins of Castle Dundagel. Up until about a month ago, they were simply three fairly unremarkable caves. But then, some children playing in the caves came across a passageway that had never been there before.

What happened next is uncertain — children, after all, are prone to great exaggeration. Surely these tales of fantastic underground kingdoms and strange, horrifying creatures can’t be true. The children probably came across a badger, or a cave bear at the worst. That doesn’t explain where one of them got that shiny gold coin, though.

Stranger still are the fates of those who went to the Caves after the day the children came back. Several stalwart men have made the journey from Camilton over the hill and past Dundagel, and have disappeared without a trace.

Something strange is afoot, that much is certain…


The Caves of Myrddin are locally reputed to once have been the lair of the evil wizard Myrddin, not to be confused with the more well-known wizard Merlin, some five hundred years ago. They have been thoroughly explored by curious locals on their off days, hoping to discover something to validate the legend, but up until the recent events, they have really appeared as nothing more remarkable than stone caves.


There are three caves in the complex. The Big Cave stretches down, the Little Cave stretches up, and the Wet Cave, so called because it floods every twelve hours with the tides, appears not to go anywhere at all. Not that the average peasant is a particularly strong swimmer.

Caves of Myrddin

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