Character Basics

Whether a sword-swinger or a spell-slinger, a master of words or a master of wiles, there are things that all characters have in common with one another. Those things are detailed here.

The First Level

If you are not human, your first level is in your racial class. Thus, if you are an elf, your first level is in “Elf.” Contrariwise, though this should be obvious, humans cannot take levels in the racial classes. Half-breeds may be counted as human or as their other parent race, at the player’s discretion, but not as both.

Every class, including the racial classes, grants a “1st level bonus,” detailed in each class. This bonus is granted to a character who takes that class as their first character level. The bonus is not granted to a character who later multiclasses into that class.

The rationale for this, if you’re curious, is because a character’s “first” level represents the first twenty or so years of his life. (Longer, if you’re a non-human.) The bonus is intended to represent additional skills picked up during all that time. (The mechanical rationale, of course, is to prevent egregious min-maxing — since skill trees, in particular, are determined by a player’s first class, this measure is taken to mitigate the every-first-level-is-a-scoundrel phenomenon.)

Hit Points

Your HP at first level is determined by your starting class. Whatever the maximum HP would be for that class’s Hit Die, you have that many HP plus your CON score. (So if you are a Swordsman, with a d10 Hit Die, you begin the game with 10 + CON HP.) For each subsequent level, you roll the Hit Die for the class you just took a level in.

Healing Surges

You begin the game with a number of Healing Surges equal to 1 + CON (minimum 1). Each time you gain a level, you gain one additional healing surge.

Caster Level

The use of the term “Caster Level” is somewhat deprecated in the Kingdom of Wessex campaign setting. However, should it come up, a character’s Caster Level is equal to his ranks in the Spellcraft skill. Like all skills, Spellcraft can be improved through the use of Willpower.

Attribute Advancement

Characters may improve an attribute by one point at levels 5 and 10.


Characters gain a feat at character levels 1, 3, 6 and 9. They gain bonus feats as dictated by their class at the appropriate class levels.

Level Cap and Epic Advancement

No character in the Kingdom of Wessex can advance beyond level 10. Upon achieving level 10, a character does not cease gaining XP; rather, for every 10,000 XP he gains beyond that required to reach level 10, he earns a bonus feat. This bonus feat may be any for which he meets the prerequisites.

A character who has reached level 10 qualifies for feats with the [Epic] tag. If the feat has other prerequisites, consult with the Narrator to see if it is permitted.

Character Basics

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