Dwarves are a rare sight in the kingdom of Wessex. Their reputation as legendary crafters precedes them, but they rarely venture out of their underground dens in the frozen north. The rare wandering dwarf who does pass through the British Isles is usually an outcast from his homeland. Dwarves are well-known for their superhuman sturdiness and their great capacity for drink.

Dwarves are similar to swordsmen in that they benefit from a high STR and CON. They suffer a penalty to CHA, as most dwarves are somewhat reserved around outsiders. They favor axes and hammers, disdaining swords as “elf-lover weapons.”

Prerequisites: STR +0, CON +1

The Dwarf

Level Special
1 Talent
2 Bonus feat
3 Talent
5 Talent
6 Bonus feat
7 Talent
9 Talent
10 Bonus feat

1st level Hit Points: 15 + CON
Hit Die: d12
Skill Tree: 2-up

Racial Bonuses:

  • +1 CON, -1 CHA
  • +2 to Fortitude saves
  • +2 to saves vs poison and spells
  • +2 to attack rolls and +4 to Defense vs Giants
  • Stability: +4 bonus to resist Trips and Bull Rushes, ignore encumbrance penalties due to weight
  • Base move 15
  • One particular Craft skill of the dwarf’s choice treated as Rank 5 skill without taking up a slot
  • Stonecunning: see d20 SRD
  • +1 to Melee when using axes and hammers

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Dwarves are proficient with light, medium and heavy armor and can use shields. Dwarves with Brawl are proficient with all simple size-S weapons. Dwarves with Melee are proficient with all simple and martial melee weapons. Dwarves with thrown are proficient with all throwing weapons. Dwarves with Archery are proficient with crossbows.

Bonus feats: Dwarves gain a bonus feat at levels 2, 6 and 10. These feats can be chosen from any for which the dwarf is qualified.


At every odd-numbered level, the dwarf gains a talent. At 1st level, the dwarf may choose from the Melee Smash tree or the Unbreakable tree. At 3rd level and thereafter, the dwarf may also choose from the Stone Warrior tree. Talents must be selected in order, but the dwarf may switch between trees as he sees fit.

Melee Smash

As the Swordsman talent tree.


Carved From Stone (Ex): The dwarf gains Toughness and Endurance as bonus feats.

Heart of Stone (Ex): The dwarf gains Diehard as a bonus feat, and the light fortification special ability.

Body of Stone (Ex): The dwarf gains Soak equal to half his Dwarf level.

Stone Warrior

Stone Strike: The dwarf may, as a full-round action, make a single attack that ignores hardness and Soak equal to the dwarf’s level. If this attack is made against an object, it deals an additional 2d6 damage.

Crushing Blow (Ex): If the dwarf’s attack roll exceeds the target’s Defense by 5 or more, he deals half again as much damage on the strike.

Boulder Stance (Su): As a free action, the dwarf may assume the Boulder Stance. While in this stance, he cannot be moved (immune to trip and bull rush) and opponents struck by his attacks must make a Reflex save, DC equal to the damage dealt, or be unable to move until their next action.


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