Work in progress.

In general, the Feats presented in the d20 SRD are permissible, but, owing to the changes in game mechanics, some will have their effect changed and others no longer exist. A full analysis of the SRD feats will be drawn up as time permits.

Feats from other WotC sources are permissible with DM approval. In particular, feats associated with the Book of Exalted Deeds are allowed and encouraged.

SRD Feats [beta]

Feat New Blurb
Acrobatic +2 to Acrobatics
Agile +1 to Escape Artist and Acrobatics
Alertness +2 to Perception
Animal Affinity +1 to Handle Animal and Ride
Armor Proficiency (heavy) Proficient in heavy armors
Armor Proficiency (light) Proficient in light armors
Armor Proficiency (medium) Proficient in medium armors
Athletic +2 to Athletics
Augment Summoning Summoned creatures have +2 STR and CON
Blind-Fight pending
Cleave Gain immediate free attack when Taking Out opponent
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks for casting while threatened or grappled
Combat Reflexes Can make additional Ops equal to DEX
Deceitful +1 to Disguise and Bluff
Deflect Arrows Make DEX + Dodge vs attack to negate Archery or Thrown attack
Deft Hands +2 to Thievery
Diehard pending
Diligent +1 to Appraise and Cryptography
Dodge +2 to Dodge
Endurance +4 to some checks; see SRD. Also sleep in armor.
Eschew Materials Ignore trivial material components when casting spells. NOT AVAILABLE
Exotic Weapon Proficiency See SRD
Extra Turning See SRD
Far Shot Archery and Firearms are at 150% range, Thrown at 200% range
Great Cleave Gain an immediate free attack when Taking Out a foe any number of times per round
Great Fortitude +2 to Fortitude saves
Greater Spell Penetration Pending
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Deprecated; see Multiattack
Greater Weapon Focus +1 to attack with selected weapon; stacks with Weapon Focus
Greater Weapon Specialization +2 to damage with selected weapon; stacks with Weapon Specialization
Improved Bull Rush See SRD
Improved Counterspell See SRD
Improved Critical Selected weapon’s threat range doubles (20 to 19-20, 19-20 to 17-20, etc)
Improved Disarm See SRD
Improved Familiar See SRD
Improved Feint See SRD
Improved Grapple See SRD
Improved Initiative Deprecated.
Improved Overrun See SRD
Improved Precise Shot Ignore cover and concealment for Thrown, Archery and Firearms; see SRD
Improved Shield Bash When performing a shield bash, you may still apply the shield’s bonus to your Defense
Improved Sunder See SRD
Improved Trip See SRD
Improved Turning See SRD
Improved Two-weapon Fighting Deprecated; see Multiattack
Improved Unarmed Strike Deprecated
Investigator +2 to Investigate checks
Iron Will +2 to Will saves
Leadership Deprecated
Lightning Reflexes +2 to Reflex saves
Magical Aptitude +1 to Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
Manyshot See SRD
Martial Weapon Proficiency Deprecated
Mobility See SRD
Mounted Archery See SRD
Mounted Combat See SRD
Natural Spell Deprecated
Negotiator +1 to Persuade, Empathy
Nimble Fingers Deprecated; see Deft Hands
Persuasive Deprecated; see Negotiator
Point Blank Shot See SRD
Power Attack See SRD
Precise Shot Attack opponents in melee at range without taking -4
Quick Draw See SRD
Rapid Reload See SRD
Rapid Shot First extra Archery or Firearms attack imposes -2 instead of -5
Ride-by Attack See SRD
Run See SRD
Self-Sufficient +1 on Heal, Survival
Shield Proficiency Able to use shields
Shot on the Run See SRD
Simple Weapon Proficiency Deprecated
Skill Focus +1 to chosen skill, stacks with other Feat bonuses
Snatch Arrows As Deflect Arrows only you catch the projectile
Spell Focus See SRD; For Wessex, choose one of the Twelve Grimoires.
Spell Mastery As SRD
Spell Penetration Pending
Spirited Charge See SRD
Spring Attack See SRD
Stealthy +2 to Stealth
Stunning Fist See SRD
Toughness See SRD
Tower Shield Proficieny See SRD; Deprecated for Wessex
Track See SRD
Trample See SRD
Two-weapon Defense See SRD
Two-weapon Fighting Deprecated; see Multiattack
Weapon Finesse Deprecated
Weapon Focus See SRD
Weapon Specialization See SRD
Whirlwind Attack See SRD

All metamagic and Item Creation feats function provisionally the same as they do in the SRD.

New Feats


Prerequisite: DEX +2
Effect: When you have two or more discrete melee attacks available (from wielding two weapons, or having a claw and a bite), you may use each attack once at a cumulative -2 penalty to all attacks that round instead of the usual -5.


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