Hobbits are small folk native to the warm, temperate regions of southern Europe. They are a cheerful race of bon vivants, living for song, dance, good food and good wine. They have a reputation for fast feet and faster tongues and an irreverent attitude that has caused no few priests no end of consternation.

Very few hobbits end up wandering — they are content to remain at home and tend to their farms far more often than not. The few that do venture out into the big world very rarely stay gone for long, seeing what they want to see and wandering right back to their shires before their legendary luck runs out.

Halflings bear some similarities to scoundrels, and some similarities to swordsmen. They benefit from a good DEX and CON; a high INT and CHA is also useful.

Prerequisites: DEX +0, CHA +0

The Halfling

Level Special
1 Talent
2 Bonus feat
3 Talent
5 Talent
6 Bonus feat
7 Talent
9 Talent
10 Bonus feat

1st level Hit Points: 10 + CON
Hit Die: d8
Skill Tree: 4-up

Racial Features

  • +1 DEX, -1 STR
  • Size S: +1 to attacks and defense, +4 to Stealth, 3/4 carrying limits, undersize weapons
  • Base move 15
  • +1 Reflex, +1 Composure
  • +1 to Thrown and Dodge
  • +2 to Acrobatics

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Hobbits are proficient with light armor and may use shields. Hobbits with Brawl are proficient with simple size-T weapons. Hobbits with Melee are proficient with simple and martial size-T and size-S weapons. Hobbits with Thrown are proficient with all throwing weapons, and may use throwing weapons as though they were size M. Hobbits with Archery are proficient with appropriately-sized simple and martial ranged weapons.

Bonus feats: Hobbits gain bonus feats at levels 2, 6 and 10. These feats may be any for which the hobbit is qualified.


The hobbit gains a talent at every odd-numbered level. He may select these talents from any of his talent trees. Talents must be selected in order, but the hobbit may switch between the trees as he sees fit.

Fast Talk

As the Scoundrel Fast Talk tree.

Hobbit’s Charm

Silver Tongue (Ex): The hobbit is able to use his laid-back charm and wiles to more readily influence others. The hobbit is able to use this ability only on NPCs whose attitude is Indifferent or better, and only on NPCs whose gender aligns with the hobbit’s preference. The hobbit treats such NPCs as though they were one step more favorably disposed towards the hobbit (so Indifferent characters are treated as Friendly, and Friendly characters are treated as Helpful).

Fascinate (Ex): The hobbit is able to draw attention by using the force of his own personality, and telling a tale, performing a dance or singing a song. This ability functions like the fascinate ability of the d20 Bard.

Suggestion (Ex): The hobbit is able to implant a suggestion into a subject that he has Fascinated. The hobbit makes a special CHA + Persuasion check versus the target’s Resolve; success means the suggestion takes hold.

Hobbit’s Fortune

Lucky Break (Ex): The hobbit gains a +1 bonus to all Saving Throws.

Lucky Streak (Ex): Once per day, the hobbit may reroll any roll. He must decide to reroll before he knows the result, and the results of the second roll are binding.

Make Your Own Luck (Ex): When expending Willpower to add to a d20 roll, the hobbit rolls d8s instead of d6s.


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