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0-level spells are much more commonplace, and freely exchanged amongst sages and elves. Any cantrips from the SRD or Spell Compendium are permissible.

Level 1

Name Source Description
Desert Wind off the Pyramid BAR A wave of flame consumes your foes
Ease the Passing KaSu Creates a spray of slippery, flammable oil
Erichtho’s Word of Friendship Erich Turns an enemy into a friend for a short while
Erichtho’s Word of Undoing Erich Turns an enemy’s fortunes for the worse
Faint Shadow on the Wall PRep Causes others to see something that isn’t there
Fear the Face of Madness BMA Shows the face of madness to an enemy, causing terror
First Brick of the Tower BAR Undoes the curse of Babel for a moment, allowing understanding
Gift of Life’s Kiss GSM Restores life and vitality to an ally
Gift of Life’s Whisper GSM Causes an ally to heal much faster than normal
Glorious Prism of Pythagoras ToP Splits light into a rainbow, dazzling enemies
Imperious Word of the Father KoS Forces an enemy to obey your command
Left Hand of the Father KoS The shield of God protects you from harm
Merlin’s Lifting Breeze BoM A gust of wind lifts you to new heights
Merlin’s Song of Slumber BoM Your opponents fall into a deep sleep
Njord’s Morning Blessing FRis A heavy mist rolls in, as off the morning sea
Open the First Chakra KaSu The might of the first chakra suffuses an ally, causing him to grow
See the Shadow, Not the Real PRep The unreal nature of the world rises up to protect you from your enemy’s arrows
Squaring the Circle ToP A moment’s calculations allow you to strike with great precision
Strength Surrenders to the Grave BMA A crippling weakness takes hold in your enemy
The Pebble as the Pillar SaH Three stones, when thrown, strike as though they were boulders
The Rock Cares Not SaH Resist heat and cold as though you were a mountain
Thor’s Gentle Touch FRis The might of Thor resides in the palm of your hand for a moment
Thoth’s Perilous Prognostication Thoth A reading of the cards shows what dangers the future holds
Thoth’s Risible Reduction Thoth Your enemy shrinks in size

Spell List

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