The state of the art of weapons in the mid-1100s is less well-developed than in standard fantasy campaigns. The fledgling martial arts of the West haven’t had the centuries of development that their fantastic peers display, the warfare arts of the Greeks and Romans having been lost to the mists of history. Most of the latter-era polearms are missing, as are heavy, huge swords.


Weapon type Size Cost Damage Critical Weight Type Range Special
Simple melee weapons
Dagger S 2g 1d4 19-20/1x 1 P/S 10’ Thrown; +1 penetration
Light mace S 5g 1d6 1x 4 B
Sickle S 1g 1d4 2x 2 S
Club M 1d4 1x 3 B 10’
Heavy mace M 12g 1d8 1x 8 B
Morningstar M 8g 1d8 1x 6 B/P +1 penetration
Short spear M 1g 1d6 1x 3 P 20’ Thrown; +2 penetration
Spear L 2g 1d8 2x 6 P 20’ Thrown; +2 penetration
Quarterstaff L 1d6 1x 4 B Double weapon
Simple ranged weapons
Crossbow M 35g 1d8 19-20/1x 4 P 80’ +1 penetration
Dart S 5s 1d4 1x 0.5 P 20’ Thrown
Javelin M 1g 1d6 1x 2 P 30’ Thrown; +3 penetration
Sling M 1d4 1x 1 B 50’
Martial melee weapons
Handaxe S 8g 1d6 2x 2 S 10’ Thrown
Light hammer S 1g 1d6 1x 2 B 20’ Thrown
Light pick S 4g 1d4 3x 3 P +3 penetration
Sap S 1g 1d6 1x 2 B +1d6 sneak attack
Short sword S 10g 1d6 19-20/1x 2 P +1 to hit, +1 penetration
Battleaxe M 10g 1d8 2x 6 S +1 penetration
Flail M 8g 1d8 1x 5 B Negate shield, trip
Longsword M 15g 1d8 19-20/1x 4 S +1 to hit
Heavy pick M 8g 1d6 3x 6 P +3 penetration
Warhammer M 12g 1d8 2x 5 B
Glaive L 8g 1d10 2x 10 S Reach
Guisarme L 9g 2d4 2x 10 P Reach, +1 penetration
Lance L 10g 1d8 2x 10 P Reach, +1 penetration, double charge
Maul L 10g 1d12 2x 15 B
Scythe L 5g 2d4 3x 10 P +2 penetration
Martial ranged weapons
Welsh bow L 75g 1d8 2x 3 P 100 +2 penetration
Horse bow L 50g 1d6 2x 2 P 60 +2 penetration
Exotic melee weapons
Greataxe L 50g 1d12 2x 12 S +1 penetration
Falchion L 150g 2d4 18-20/1x 8 S
Scimitar M 50g 1d6 18-20/1x 4 S
Trident M 30g 1d8 1x 4 P 10’ +1 penetration
Whip M 15g 1d3 1x 2 S Long threat, trip, disarm
Sarissa L 50g 1d8 2x 10 P Long reach, +1 penetration
Bastard sword M 100g 1d10 19-20/1x 6 S +1 to hit
Exotic ranged weapons
Elf bow L 1500g 1d10 2x 3 P 120 +2 penetration

Size: A character can wield weapons of their size in one hand, and weapons of one size larger in two hands. Weapons smaller than the character’s size may be wielded with ease, but cannot be used for maneuvers such as Power Attack.

Critical: A weapon, by default, threatens a critical on a natural attack roll of 20. If the number before the slash is a range, the weapon threatens a critical on any natural attack roll in that range provided the attack is also a hit.

The number after the slash, or an unaccompanied x number, indicates the number of times a weapon rolls on the Critical Table. See the SMG d20 Core Rulebook for further details.

Range: A melee weapon with the listed range can be thrown up to five range increments; each increment beyond the first imposes a -2 penalty to the attack roll.

A ranged weapon can be used to make an attack up to ten range increments; each increment beyond the first imposes a -2 penalty to the attack roll.

Special: Certain weapons have special qualities, as listed below:

  • Penetration: The weapon ignores that much of a target’s Soak. Does not actually increase damage dealt.
  • Double weapon: The weapon can be used as if the wielder was wielding two weapons; see the Multiattack feat.
  • +Sneak attack: If the weapon is used on a successful sneak attack, it deals the additional damage listed.
  • Negate shield: If the weapon is used against a shield user, the shield user cannot apply his shield’s Defense bonus against the attacker.
  • Trip: The weapon can be used to make trip attempts. See the d20 SRD.
  • +To hit: A wielder gains the listed bonus on all attack rolls.
  • Reach: The weapon can be used to make attacks up to 10’ away, but cannot be used to make attacks adjacent to the wielder.
  • Long reach: As Reach, only the weapon can be used to make attacks up to 15’ away, but not adjacent or 10’ away.
  • Double charge: If the weapon is used on a mounted charge, it deals double damage.
  • Long threat: The whip can be used to make attacks anywhere within 15’ of the wielder.
  • Disarm: A whip wielder gains a +2 bonus to disarm attempts. See the d20 SRD.


Y u no braveheart?

If you’re meaning William Wallace’s iconic claymore, a two-handed sword, weapons of that sort didn’t appear on the battlefield for another seventy years after the campaign takes place. Massive swords of the sort simply hadn’t been developed yet.

Why are some of the martial weapons listed as exotic?

The campaign is set in Wessex, an analogue to medieval England. Several of the martial weapons (notably the scimitar-type weapons or the Greek and Roman trident and sarissa) would have been in existence, but not well-known to the Anglish. That’s why they’re listed as exotic: to warriors of the time period, they would have been strange indeed.

What’s this “penetration” nonsense?

Since armor now provides a bonus to Soak, rather than a bonus to Defense, it’s semi-realistic to model certain punching-type weapons as being more able to break through armor. That’s what penetration represents: a weapon’s ability to punch through armor and still hurt the wearer.

Why go back to “sized” weapons instead of light/one-handed/two-handed?

Most of the characters in the campaign should be size Medium, since hobbits are extremely rare and humans, elves and dwarves are all size M. Thus there seems little need to model different versions of all the weapons.


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