The Anarchy of King Stephen

Session 2

A moonth spent were resting from our honourable and noble rescue of Sir William’s daughter Gwena. A young gap toothed and fire touched maiden of chaste repute was she. Daily devoted in penitent action to her book of hours and the gentil cocks that are the pride of Dundagel’s demesne.

Bored became we and from the Abbot’s hospice we retired and ventured amongst Cornwall’s brave souls. The finest of the Angles are the Cornwallers. Where every noble is a farmer of swine and sheep and ladies alewives so dedicated to nightly bedside prayer that matins is not a forthcoming but an ending of the Lord’s good work.

Alrik and Joseph led the charge of our goodly band. In search of noble deeds needed doing they delved the environs of Camilton. Over many a moon’s passing did they comb the noble thatched demesnes of the grey moors. Good fortune from heaven on high lay gently her sweet gifts. For a young and comely fletcher’s wife offered the fair treasure of spoken word that the castellan of third mark did desire a deed done. Poled deeply the waters of the lady’s knowledge did Alrik a noble Dane he and upon few hours respite returned to the fair company to give fair word of heroes needed.

To Castle Bottreaux our manly band travelled accoutered in martial crafts of leather and steel and manly sword and hardened staff. Led to dim lit chambers were we to meet the castellan of the third mark. A coarse raven haired and sour breathed coxcomb of villainy was he. Offered he to our noble band the Judas act of murder of Sir William on his way to dispense his lord’s fair rule to the fair town of Farthington in exchange for favor and wealth. With grave heart we built a barbican of word and gesture. Agreed to his ignoble request did we in the hopes that in the commit of the shameful act of the sundering of a contract our band could redeem itself in the awful view of the Lord’s all knowing visage through the gift of spoken word to the castellan’s ear of his aspect’s scurrilous intent of murder.

Across heather cloaked wold beneath a watery firmament we traversed. Upon the coming of the gloaming we reached the darkened arboreal shores of a thick wood of yew, birch and ash. A path we discovered its thin muddy path rivened the ominous leafy boles. Followed it we did coming upon a moss shrouded crossing of stonework disposing its meager length across a shallow bedizened stream. Upon the stonework’s height stood a stalwart Cornishman with heavy maul in hand barring our passage as like a troll of legend. Demanded he did in loud voice our identity and perchance that we were the head of Sir William’s party. Uncouth this Cornishman more bovine than bulwark we did mock his demands and defended our rights as pilgrims to fair Farthington with noble girded hearts armed with sword and staff. Upon our crossing the cowardly wretch gave a shout to arms. From the treacherous woods did spring forth a gang of bowmen to quench our hearts of their sanguine breath with flinty shaft. From beneath the aged stonework did emerge horsemen two in number to accost our brave company. Grave battle did ensue. The stout arms of the warrior Frigg checked their great strength to subdue the treacherous Cornishman with the palm of his blade. Merciful was Frigg. The quick blade of Alrik flashed steely beneath shadowy boughs sending two of the robbers to dreaded shores. So too Joseph’s bow did strike true with winged death. Allissandro young sage born from the watery roods of distant Venice far beyond the summery realm of the Halflings did unleash great magics of dragon’s breath, but was brutally struck by one of the ignoble horsemen. Perish he did not for the brave action of Alrik’s sword that did give fair retribution for the horseman’s nefarious act. Alas not all did partake of the battle for the northlander Cap a druid from the craggy lands of the Scots did find himself trapped in the grey realms of the toad’s stool and upon the battle’s ordained end was lashed to a captured horse for the rest of the journey to the hill crown of Farthington. With two robbers behooded and lashed we reached Farthington to spend a night of succor.

Upon the matins we did bring our two spoils to the court of noble Sir William in the hope of goodly justice for the two cravens and the villainous coward who did hire our fair band for ignoble cause. Sir William bedecked in noble vestment with soft voice gave swift justice to our charges and commanded our company to return to his insidious aspect with token brand of gold as proof of knavery achieved and enact the headsman’s justice upon our original malodorous benefactor. Our reward to be the benefits of his patronage. The band with lightened heart left Farthington for Castle Bottreaux.

Our return journey was swift with fair weather granted by His power to guide our righteous path of justice. Upon entry to Castle Bottreaux some day journey we were directed to meet the perfidious castellan of third mark in a dimly lit stone chamber of rounded shape and ill aspect. It was here that the craven revealed his true self as one of Memnoch’s ubnholy henchmen. Our justice betrayed he, escaped out of the room’s single door relasing a portcullis to trap us within. The malefactor reentered through secreted passage upon a balcony of a healthy man’s height. Unholy utterances of ill aspect he made summoning of four foul minions of Hell. Lemures cried Alissandro his wise lore naming our enemy and delivering the Lord’s justice as he called forth holy magics of healing that he knew to be anathema to Hell’s children. Two of the dread demons did fall by his hand but it was not enough for Mammon’s lieutenant gave heed to Alissandro’s holy magic and did wreak great havoc upon his body with emerald flamed demonfire. Greatly harmed Alissandro’s form fell to the blows of fire and the unholy touch of the remaining lemures. All was not lost and the tide of battle shifted. The druid Cap employed his powers of nature to transform his shape into a mouse. He escaped through the portcullis and swiftly commenced to winch the gate open. Good Alrik, Joseph and Frigg continued to battle with sword and bow. Intrepid Cap made an opening wide enough for a man to pass beneath and goodly Frigg marked the opportunity slipping beneath iron jawed gate. He swiftly followed the path of good Alissandro’s murderer and engaged the villainous craven in honourable combat. He was not alone for having returned to the natural form of Adam Cap followed courageous Frigg through the secret door to battle evil’s foreman. Giving sight to wise action Joseph marked their action and by graceful act stole his way upon the balcony to cut off the retreat of Hell’s whipmaster. Alrik saw not and remained below burned mercilessly by demonfire he with swift blade did destroy the remaining demons. But battle did wage above between the noble company of Frigg, Cap and Joseph, and darkness’s errand boy. The wily craven escaped Cap’s sleeping magic and with dark cunning caused Joseph to lose his footing and fall back into the pit scarred with demonfire. God’s grace did prevail though as Frigg’s mighty blow with sword and shield did quell the lifespring of the blackheart. God’s will enacted the company gave thanks, gathered the arrows that were repelled from the villain through some black art, and placed the body of holy Alissandro in noble comportment. May his soul rest in peace.



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